Rhonesha Byng
Rhonesha Byng
No one Ever Slows Her Agenda


Rhonesha Byng is a journalist and founder of the award-winning website Her Agenda

For press/media inquiries contact: info@heragenda.com.


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Rhonesha Byng is the founder and CEO of Her Agenda, a digital media platform for millennial women. This is a typical day in her life.


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depauw university alumni magazine: No one ever slows her AgendA

Rhonesha Byng '11 empowers young women through her growing digital media platform.

Written for DePauw Magazine by Tom Chiarella, Hampton and Esther Boswell Distinguished University Professor of Creative Writing, and writer-at-large and fiction editor for Esquire magazine.

When describing the meeting of two people at a southbound train in New York, writers will often turn the phrase “deep in the bowels of Penn Station,” even though the meeting ground is not that deep and there’s nothing particularly bowel-like about it. In fact, the waiting area for the Acela trains at Penn Station is lined by donut stores and by-the-slice pizza places and feels brightly-lit, clean and dry. Midday on a Friday, it’s crowded with New Yorkers skipping work early, headed to one Jersey shore or another. I scan the crowd for the familiar face of Rhonesha Byng (DePauw ’11), my friend and former student, a leader recently named to Forbes’ 2017 “30 Under 30” list in both the media and “dorm room founder” categories, who’s meeting me for a ride down to Washington together.

She texts me: I’m about to get off the subway at 34th.

To which I volley: It’s track 9e. I’ll be in line.

I figure she is 10 minutes out, deep in the bowels of the subway such as it is. I amble to the queue, and take a deep breath and a look around. The two of us are riding down to D.C. together, where I will watch her give a talk at to a group of young girls at Catholic University. Rhonesha is an editor, motivational speaker and a leader in empowering millennial women. 

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March is Women’s History Month, at Creative Smart Girl every month is women's month.  Our entire purpose is in celebration of women. We celebrate women doing the work to build the life, career, and style of their dreams. We also recognize the many women who are blazing trials for us and those who will come after us. 

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The importance of young people of color, especially at a time when overt racism and xenophobia run rampant, is certainly not lost on 27-year-old Rhonesha Byng, a businesswoman and founder of HerAgenda, a digital media platform for millennial women.

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Rhonesha Byng considers herself a “self-starter,” which is an incredible understatement. A high achiever who has been giving out her own business cards since the time she was 16, the Brooklyn native has always known two things: That she loved to write and was soon smitten with journalism, and that connections and relationships are crucial to one’s success. So events, workshops, programs, scholarships, internships with media companies — Rhonesha did it all, and it’s paid off as early as her days in high school!


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The 2017 FORBES 30 Under 30 is the most definitive gathering of today’s leading young change-makers and innovators in the U.S. Now in its sixth year, the 30 Under 30 offers an annual opportunity to embrace the optimism, inventiveness and boldness of youth. We bring you 30 game changers in 20 industries all under 30 years old -- 600 in total -- who are challenging the conventional wisdom and rewriting the rules for the next generation of entrepreneurs, entertainers, educators and more. They are passionate and formidable bunch, and for good reason. Their goal is nothing short of breaking the status quo and transforming the world.


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Every major opportunity I’ve gotten has come through someone in my network. And that’s not to say I started off with a rolodex of contacts or an influential advocate who automatically helped me open doors. I created my network – and it worked.



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We applaud these 30 and under movers and shakers. They are writers, educators, finance gurus, DJs, advertisers, product designers, photographers, entrepreneurs and models. They're all flexing their Black excellence during a time when it seems to be Black and lit is almost an oxymoron.

We asked each participant to let us know what being young, Black and lit affords them. Come all the way through! 


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#BlackGirlMagic came through at the United #StateofWomen Summit held on Tuesday. Hosted by the White House, the Summit rallied together women, girl bosses, unicorns and more to celebrate the incredible achievements women have accomplished, while also addressing the agenda for further equality.



In her DePauw University dorm room, Posse alumna Rhonesha Byng founded HerAgenda.com, a blog inspired by her personal motto, “no one ever slows her agenda.” Today, the website is a successful digital media platform and Rhonesha is representing millennial women at a summit hosted by The White House.


Entrepreneur Magazine

“Never be afraid to ask for what you need. Ask for advice, ask for money, then ask for more money, ask for people to promote you, ask for feedback... Don't be afraid. It's scary and you will feel moments of doubt, but push past it and keep going. We all feel doubt and fear but what separates those who achieve from those who just dream is the ability to push forward in spite of those feelings.”  


The tai life muse of the day

I founded…HerAgenda to change the perception of opportunity for millennial women in order to bridge the gap between ambition and achievement. I use the power of role models and shining a light on women who are in positions of power because as we all know you can’t be what you can’t see.


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By Way of Brooklyn

A lot of Instagram accounts with a lot of inspirational, cliche quotes. Her Agenda's Instagram is the opposite of all of that. Practical, honest, seemingly exactly what you needed to read in a given moment. The woman behind it is as bright and believable as every quote she posts.



Rhonesha Byng is the Founder and CEO of HerAgenda.com - a digital media platform that bridges the gap between ambition and achievement for millennial women.  In addition to Her Agenda being named one of The 100 Best Websites for Women and one of The 10 Best Websites for Millennial Women by Forbes, Rhonesha has won numerous awards as a journalist making an impact on the broadcasting industry and digital media (including an Emmy for team coverage of a breaking story for NBC New York).  With a motto that ‘no one ever slows her agenda,’ Rhonesha is committed to providing inspiring and empowering content to young women who have ambitious goals.  Find out Rhonesha’s dream for online content, how media shapes society, and how to not let anyone slow your agenda.


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Rhonesha Byng is the founder of Her Agenda, a website with articles, events, job opportunities, career profiles, and more geared specifically for millennial women. I first started reading the site after they published a few of my pieces for Skillcrush. I quickly read a few dozen of their posts and attended my first Her Agenda event. I can see why the site was named one of Forbes’ Top 10 Websites for Millennial Women and one ofForbes’ Top 100 Sites for Women in 2013.


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On Dec. 11, brand ambassador and self-made entrepreneur Karen Civil, and HerAgenda.com founder Rhonesha Byng sat down at AlleyNYC for a special conversation on business motivation and strategy. The two women executives shared their personal insights after a motivating event that brought out young leaders in New York City to empowered to take their career destinies in their own hands. Civil, a social media mogul who has been listed in Billboard’sTwitter 140 has been touring the nation and recently authored, Live Civil: 5 Ways of Unlocking Your Potential.


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