Rhonesha Byng
Rhonesha Byng
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her agenda live: property and power

Her Agenda kicked off April with a much-needed conversation about something we know you have a lot of questions about-- home ownership. There aren’t many spaces where you can be open about your home buying fears and surrounded by experts to discuss them, so on April 4th, Her Agenda decided to hold an event that created space just for that. In 2019, women should not believe that their student loans or single-salary budget prevent them from buying their first property.  It’s time to get some real answers. The panel, which was moderated brilliantly by AJ Barkley, SVP Neighborhood Lending Executive and Consumer Lending at Bank of America, featured Emma Gray, Senior Women's Reporter at HuffPost, Carolyn Githieya, Account Executive at HBO, and Nikki R. Thomas, Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker who shared their personal expertise, unfiltered honesty, and words of encouragement to every woman in the room. The event capped off a content series that ran on Her Agenda over the past few weeks.




You might feel stuck in a job with no options and no promotion in sight, or you may be experiencing the infamous creative block preventing you from moving forward on your latest project. If so, know you're not alone. There are ways to get unstuck and move forward.

Her Agenda hosted a conversation in partnership with Alley on the topic of mastering a multidimensional career with writer, digital strategist, speaker and now New York Times best-selling author, Luvvie Ajayi. She has built a loyal following and created a career that lives at the intersection of comedy, activism and technology. Read the full recap here.